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Thoth Data Systems is a Columbia, MO-based consulting and services company. We provide network consulting, firewalls, storage, routing and general consulting to the Mid-Missouri area.

Founded in August of 2008, Thoth Data Systems represents the coming together of Stephen Turner's company, Zero1Tek and Herbert Wolverson's company, Bracket Productions. Recognizing common interests, compatible skills, and a wealth of experience, the founders decided to create a new consulting company to best serve our clients in the Columbia, MO area.

Stephen is an electrical engineering graduate of the University of Missouri, and brings with him decades of experience with PCs, networks, and communications. Herbert has a Master's in Defense & Strategic Studies, and a Law/Politics degree from the University of Hull. He brings decades of experience developing software for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and other platforms. Herbert also has extensive experience in network design, embedded systems development, and data processing.

Whether you need software development, network creation, or technical support - drop Thoth Data Systems a line today.